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Step One - Select a single city in order to identify price trends or to identify a historical price most accurately. Select multiple cities to compare pump prices between cities.

Step Two - Selection of time duration will define how long into history the prices will be displayed. In some cities only limited price history information is available and in those cases the line will be flat for extended periods.

Step Three - When comparing US cities to Canadian cities you have a choice of price units. The standard unit of measure in the US is dollars per gallon and in Canada the standard is cents/liter. Comparison of US and Canadian cities is done using recent currency exchange rates and uses the conversion factor of 1 US gallon being equal to 3.78 liters. For simple plotting of US cities use dollars per gallon ($/G) and for simple plotting of Canadian cities use cents/liter (c/L).

Step Four - Click the "Create Chart!" button to create the chart.

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